Thursday, 18 August 2016
Chuck Mosley and Friends
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, CA, USA
supported by Coffin Boy Crow
The Crab Song
Introduce Yourself
The Jungle
As the Worm Turns
New Beginnings
Arabian Disco
Mark Bowen
We Care a Lot
with original album lyrics
Why Do You Bother?

Pills For Breakfast
Anne's Song
We Care A Lot cover
Introduce Yourself cover
Live stream on Faith No More Facebook
Photograph of setlist

Chuck Mosley's acoustic set setlist:
* included Faith No More's "Death March" in acoustic form

San Francisco Chronicle, 31 July 2016, Great American Music Hall ad
San Francisco Chronicle, 14 August 2016, gig listing - $21-26, 8pm
Broadcast via streaming from a mobile on the Faith No More official Facebook
Video: Audience various
Originally advertised as "Chuck Mosley and friends" well before the gig, rumours were that the "friends" would include other members of Faith No More. The day before the gig the rumour proved true and the gig was openly advertised as being Chuck with the rest of Faith No More. Chuck played his usual acoustic set then a set as Faith No More.

Before The Jungle:
- Roddy: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much!
- Chuck: Yeah, sorry about the interval.
- Roddy: You guys, thanks so much for being here supporting Chuck. It's awesome! It's really good to see you all.
- Chuck: And thank you for having me.
- Roddy: We're happy you came.
- Chuck: I'm happy too. I really appreciate it.
- (crowd chants Chuck Chuck Chuck!)
- Chuck: What? What? Thank you, seriously.

Before Greed:
- Roddy: Ladies and gentlemen thank you very much
- Chuck: Feels good.
- Roddy: Feels good. Feels just like it used to be. No different. I was just telling the guys today, when I got off the BART, I took BART, I got off at Civic Center, and I walked to the Great American Music Hall, and it was exactly the same. Like the... people keep talking like San Francisco, different San Francisco, it's exactly the same. From Civic Center to Great American Music Hall, it's exactly the same. And that's how I feel right now right here with you people, it's exactly where we were forty years ago when we made this record. My take.

Before Spirit:
- Chuck: Shit. Oh, this is a ... I was going to say it's a new song.
- Roddy: The new one now?

Before New Beginnings:
- Chuck: Thank you. Thank you very much. I think I speak for the rest of the guys when I say thank you. Thank you very much. Huh? Oh we are we're old, fuck, what do you think?
- (Bill plays Michael Jackson's Bad bass riff)
- Roddy: We look tired, but Chuck looks fucking sharp.
- Chuck: I'm feeling tired. Tired?
- Roddy: I'm glad he dressed up. Little known fact, you should really appreciate. Chuck does not like to fly. I'm sorry ???... he does not like to fly. So, he lives in Cleveland. Sorry to ??? But he drove all the way to the show.
- Chuck: 48 hours, straight!
- Roddy: Pretty good!
- Chuck: It was fucked up, but you know, hey, for you guys, ?? anything. Anything. Thank you, appreciate it... ??
- Roddy: Piter pater piter pater. Clearly you guys all like to fly. Clearly.
- Chuck: Clearly. Ever seen a plane crash? I'm just kidding.
- Roddy: This is another weird song we wrote when we were little. We wrote a lot of weird ones, this is a weird one.

Before Arabian Disco:
- Roddy: He looks fucking good right? I can't take my eyes off him. I want a piece of that, you know what I'm saying? Fuckin' something else.

Before Mark Bowen:
- Roddy: Hey this next song is a real nostalgic song it was about our first guitar play we played with, he was a super awesome guys named Mark Bowen.
- Chuck: A really nice guy. I saw him a month ago, I told you right?
- Roddy: Where did you see him?
- Chuck: Seattle...

Before We Care A Lot:
- Chuck: I don't know... About what? Nervous? Kinda? I'm ... anymore?? I'm not nervous anymore because you guys made me feel right at home and comfortable and I totally appreciate it.

On return for encore:
- Roddy: Thank you guys. I keep saying it, and it sounds really pap, but it's really nice to be here, doing this. It's was a really special thing for us. We thought we'd... we'd put out the record. Re-released the record, and these shows, was something we thought we'd never do. It's been so good, thank you so much.

After Pills For Breakfast the crowd calls for Anne's Song:
- Chuck: Absolute not. Absolutely not.
- Roddy: We never play that song live. We... No we didn't. [The crowd is arguing, thinking he's talking about Pills For Breakfast, not Anne's Song]
- Crowd: It's on you tube!
- Roddy: No it isn't! Don't believe everything you see on YouTube Mr. Smartypants. We've never played it live.
- Chuck: I don't you we should have practiced that one.

After Anne's Song:
-Chuck: Fuckin' thanks!
-Roddy: Thanks San Francisco!
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