Friday, 21 August 1987
Scream @ Park Plaza Hotel
Los Angeles, CA, USA
supported by Thrill of the Pull, Nymphs
[Setlist from memory]
With Or Without You (U2)
We Care A Lot

Introduce Yourself
Introduce Yourself cover
Other cover
LA Times, 16 August 1987, page 78 - gig listing (Scream, Park Plaza Hotel, 607 S Park View St)
LA Times, 21 August 1987, part VI page 2 - gig listing with Mike Bordin photo - "This San Francisco band plays a vigorous, abrasive mixture of funk, punk and rap."
LA Weekly, 21 August 1987, page 127
LA Weekly, 14 August 1987, page 110 Scream ad

LA Weekly, 28 August 1987, page 51 gig review: "The evening did have its great ragged moments, but it was mostly an uneven morass, not helped by an insufferably cool crowd who responded with mostly sporadic clapping. After the last song, nobody seemed to want an encore, though the obligatory encore they certainly got: the title track from their album, so sardonically appropriate: 'Introduce Yourself'."

Los Angeles Times (Chris Willman) 24 Aug 1987: "Faith No More's snide "We Care a Lot" is as pungent and brilliant an anthem-for-a-generation as 1987 is likely to produce. Sort of the smart-aleck antithesis of "We Are the World," it pained-fully runs down the overloaded list of everything there is to be concerned about in modern-day America (AIDS, starvation, crack, shuttle disasters, etc.) as singer Chuck Mosely mockingly offers up blanket empathy, repeating, "It's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it."

"That was the best song we've ever written in the world. Now here's one that's almost as good," said Mosely with candor after "Care" during Faith No More's set Friday at Scream. And indeed, the San Francisco-based band offered no other material quite that devastating. But the quintet's unique and refined mixture of metal guitars, funk bass, eerily beautiful synthesizer lines and punk/rap vocals redeems even the less developed numbers. And if the calculatedly obnoxious public presence seems a little phony, Faith does carry on in the early punk spirit far less embarrassingly than just about any comparable unit left around."
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