Friday, 07 August 2015
Ricoh Coliseum
Toronto, ON, Canada
supported by Refused
John Barry, "Midnight Cowboy"
The Real Thing
Be Aggressive
Everything's Ruined
end Drake, "Started From The Bottom"
Black Friday
Midlife Crisis
interlude Van Halen, "Jump"
Cone of Shame
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Easy (Commodores)
Separation Anxiety
Ashes to Ashes

I Started a Joke (Bee Gees)

We Care a Lot
Sol Invictus cover
Angel Dust cover
King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime cover
The Real Thing cover
Album Of The Year cover
Introduce Yourself cover
Non-Album Track cover
Audio: Audience recording
Before Evidence:
- Roddy: How're you guys doin'? Awesome! Thanks for having us back after, we were just here just like a couple of weeks ago it felt like.
- Patton: A couple DAYS ago.
- Roddy: Yeah, thanks for coming back.

After Epic:
- Patton: Started from the bottom now we're here. How's it going? Oop.
- Roddy: Who does that bottom song, I know it but I don't know who does it.
- Patton: Dude, it's the mayor of fucking Toronto.
- Roddy: Oh you guys know him?
- Patton: Yeah, I think they know him, yeah. You guys know the mayor right? Drake?
- Roddy: Oh, that's who it is, Drake. You guys Drake fans?! You can like Drake! We're like real open minded. Anything goes up here. Leave those judgements outside of the Coliseum if you will.
- Patton: I see some guys up there that look like Drake fans. Yeah yeah up there. They're smoking crack and shit. OK. New song! Fuck it!

Before Midlife Crisis:
- Roddy: Thank you ladies and gentlemen. So nice here tonight. Can't tell you how good it is to show up and come to the stage, all the white, the smell of fresh flowers. It's just a beautiful time. You guys enjoying yourselves?
- Patton: You know Van Halen's in town. It's a wonderful time of year. Yeah.
- Roddy: What? I told you, leave your judgements outside the door. It's alright to like Van Halen.
- Bill: I don't I've ever been in a stadium show when they say Van Halen and people boo. That's the first time I've heard that in my life.
- Patton: That's fucking bullshit. What's wrong with Van Halen? I love Van Halen!
- Roddy: *plays Jump intro keys*
- Patton: Yeah! You know how to do that? OK, we're gonna spare you.

After Midlife Crisis:
- Patton: Thank you. Sammy Hagar thanks you.

After Easy:
- Roddy: Thank you ladies and gentlemen, that feels like progress! We are the world.

Before Superhero:
- Patton: Hey hey! Thanks guys.
- Roddy: You guys are cool. Thanks for being here.
- Patton: Yeah, thanks for showing up! Like to also thank the Refused for playing with us. Fuckin' great. Yeah, yep yep yep yep!
- Roddy: Last night with Refused.
- Patton: This is our last night with 'em. What should we do with a bunch of sexy Swedes huh? A little uh uh! What do you think? Come on, you guys are Canadian, you're kinda almost Swedish.
- Roddy: What do you guys do to Swedes?
- Patton: What would you do? It has something to do with hockey or ice or like, something frozen right?
- Roddy: Hockey, ice, anus, what is it?
- Patton: Is there something like a frozen donut you could put on your cock? Have you heard that? There is! You guys don't know about this? For fucks sake.
- Roddy: A frozen donut? Frozen?
- Patton: Yeah, you freeze it...
- Bill: Did Lenny Kravitz do that the other day?
- Patton: It acts like a cock ring, but it's sweet. How do I know this? I don't know, I just heard about it!
- Roddy: Thanks you guys we have one more song.
- Patton: One more song.

On return for encore:
- Roddy: Thanks you guys. Honestly, thanks for being here.

After I Started A Joke:
- Patton: Thanks for coming guys! Appreciate you. Thanks again for Refused. Be good, mwah!

On return for second encore:
- Roddy: Thank you guys. You got louder, what happened? You loved that Bee Gees song so much, you love that song. You love I Started A Joke so much, is that what happened? Thanks again for having us.

In We Care A Lot intro:
- Patton: We got 5 minutes before the po-po shows up, for the po-po shows up
On This Day:
Year Venue State/Country
1987 Sound Seas Performance Warehouse, El Paso TX, USA
1990 Le Rocks, Adelaide SA, Australia
1993 CANCELLED Lima Peru
2020 CANCELLED Pepsi Centre, Denver CO, USA