Thursday, 13 May 1993
Wellington Town Hall
Wellington, New Zealand
The Final Countdown remix
Be Aggressive
outro Bay City Rollers, "Saturday Night"
As The Worm Turns
Zombie Eaters
Midlife Crisis
Land Of Sunshine
We Care A Lot
middle House Of Pain, "Jump Around"
Chinese Arithmetic
intro "Twin Peaks" theme
middle 2 Unlimited, "No Limit"
A Small Victory
Sweet Dreams (Nestles)
Edge Of The World
Falling To Pieces
Death March
Surprise! You're Dead!
Woodpecker From Mars

From Out Of Nowhere
Easy (Commodores)
Why Do You Bother?
Angel Dust cover
The Real Thing cover
Introduce Yourself cover
We Care A Lot cover
Other cover
Video: Audience recording
In the middle of Midlife Crisis they stop:
- Patton: "Thank you very much. This is a beautiful city you guys have here. Do you like living here?"
- Roddy: "Hey hey 6 million sheep can't be wrong huh?"
- Patton: "Fuck him. You guys see any good movies lately? I just don't feel like we know each other yet. I don't feel entirely comfortable with you people yet. Tell me something about yourself. Well I'm an Aquarius. What are you Roddy?"
- Roddy: "I'm ... Cancer..."
- Patton: "Cancer in the audience huh? Bill, what's your sign? Hey Taurus!"
- Roddy: "Oh the bull!"
- Patton: "Believe me he's a Taurus. Hey how's it going back there, what's your sign. Sagittarius on drums! Very compatible with the bassist, that's not a coincidence. Hey Jim, what's your sign."
- Jim: "I'm on the cusp of Cancer and Leo."
- Patton: "Alright, now that we've got that settled..."
- *band finishes Midlife Crisis*

Roddy has stopped using most of his samples in the We Care A Lot intro except the record scratch.

It's dubious if they are singing "No Limit" in the middle of Chinese Arithmetic...

Before Sweet Dreams:
- Roddy: "Thank you very much ah, so you say Nestles, we say Nestlees, I found that out last night. But this song is about ah Nestles, you know what that is?"

At the end of Edge Of The World the crowd continues the nah nahs, Patton: "Are you proud of yourself?"
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