Saturday, 22 June 1985
Los Angeles, CA, USA
with Fade To Black, Tank Burial
[Setlist incomplete]
Pills For Breakfast
As The Worm Turns
The Jungle
The Crab Song
Why Do You Bother?
Mark Bowen
We Care A Lot cover
Introduce Yourself cover
CV Database
Audience recording
Los Angeles Times, 16 Jun 1985, page 73

There is a review on an Anti-Club gig in Music Connection (August 6 - August 18, see Introduce Yourself press-kit) which might be this gig.
Audio: Audience recording
In the introduction the band talk about this being a memorial show for one of "the septuplets" who recently died named James Martin, and dedicate the song Pills For Breakfast to him. They also say it was a memorial at their last show too. The "famous" James Martin septuplet from Southern California died on 7th June 1985.

Greed has an interesting keyboard/drum intro before the usual guitar riff.

There are numerous pauses throughout while the band fixes technical issues.

The Jungle is introduced as "going to be on MTV, last week". It's the short version as per SF Unscene release.

The Crab Song is introduced as "The Crab... this is what you get when you sit down in fuckin cheap gas stations". It's quite different from the album with just bass/keyboard intro, with the main song being slower and heavier, with a big jammy Primus like ending.
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