Monday, 05 July 2010
Williamsburg Waterfront Brooklyn
New York, NY, USA
supported by James Chance, Neil Hamburger
Midnight Cowboy (John Barry)
The Real Thing
Be Aggressive
Land of Sunshine
The Crab Song
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Last Cup of Sorrow
Chinese Arithmetic
with Rahzel beatboxing throughout
Easy (Commodores)
Midlife Crisis
interlude Stevie Wonder, "Sir Duke"
Digging the Grave
Ashes to Ashes
Ben (Michael Jackson)
King for a Day
Just a Man

I Started a Joke (Bee Gees)
As the Worm Turns
We Care a Lot
with Rahzel beatboxing at end

Angel Dust cover
King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime cover
Album Of The Year cover
Introduce Yourself cover
The Real Thing cover
Other cover
Non-Album Track cover
We Care A Lot cover
Video: Audience recording full show
Audio: Audience recording
As part of a benefit for the Open Space Alliance.

This was the first time during reunion that "The Crab Song" had been played. It is likely the "special song" Bill had earlier announced on Twitter that the band had practised. The don't play it again until late 2015.

After Be Aggressive, Patton: "Brooklyn wins tonight. You win. Thank you guys."

Before The Crab Song:
- Patton: Hey! Thank you.
- Roddy: Ladies and gentlemen of the New York area, hello?
- Patton: How's that L train treatin' ya?
- Roddy: That fuckin' L train.
- Patton: Yeah, yeah yeah. I think they segregated all the L train arrivers in that section over there. What are you doing over there? Are you fucking so important? What are you doing? At least take a swim. Better wear a fucking hazmat suit though.
- Roddy: This song...
- Patton: Oh this

Someone shouts "bad decision" after The Crab Song.

Before Last Cup Of Sorrow:
- Roddy: Woooo. You guys alright out there? Did you have a good forth? Good forth of July? Did you eat a lot of hot dogs? Yeah? America loves it when you eat its hot dog.
- Patton: Yeah, but America loves better when you blow shit up. That what we do best? I think we did that yesterday wouldn't you say?

Before Chinese Arithmetic:
- Patton: Brooklyn everybody ok? We've got a specially guest for this next number. Straight out of the Bronx. Give him some love. Godfather of love, roots crew. Senior Rahzel.
- Rahzel: BK New York City, make some noise!

During Easy, Patton: "It's ok Brooklyn, you can sing. Come on Lionel Richie is rolling over in his grave..."

Before Ashes To Ashes:
- Patton: Damn. Oy it's so humid it's like a sauna in here [mocking NYC accent]. Thanks for sticking around guys.
- Roddy: Did you guys get here in time to see James Chance? Show of hands.
- Patton: You did.
- Roddy: Alright to the early comers.
- Patton: Those are people that have cars man. How about Neil Hamburger? I guess you don't need a car to hear him. Are you guys ok?!

Before Ben:
- Patton: Jesus! You guys look like you want to go on a fucking picnic. I know this is a State park and all but Jesus. I mean, what are you gonna do, go over there and have a fish fry? A Hudson river white fish fish fry? It's kinda rubbery, it's like calamari, no big deal. You must be used to it huh?
- Bill: How many of you guys here are like seeing us for the first time? Is this like weird or something?
- Patton: It is fucking weird.
- Roddy: We thought when we started this tour we thought to all our old fans. There's some of you there yeah? That's cool.
- Bill: Can't seem 'em all because of the wheelchairs...
- Roddy: Yeah the canes! The wigs. The wheelchairs. The dentures. Nah, we're just teasing.
- Patton: You guys do look older though. Just a little bit.
- Roddy: No we bring it up because a lot of shows we play, we play a lot of shows, there's a lot of young young young kids there. It's always surprising, it's like wow...
- Patton: Like pre-pub... it doesn't make sense. On that note.

Before Just A Man, Roddy: "Ladies and gentlemen thank you very much. Thanks for being such a great host this past week we've had a real nice time in your fine cities. Thanks for having us everybody, it's been real nice. That said... goodbye."

Before I Started A Joke, Patton: "You greasy motherfuckers. You still with us? Thanks for sticking around in this bullshit heat. I happen to think it's fuckin' bullshit, what do you think? But hey I'm not from here so I can't say that. What do you think of it? No no no you in the pink glasses, tall guy. You came from Michigan, so what is your weather like up there, like, do you think... It's like this? Oh, so it's bullshit! Right? Like your glasses. It's all good. It's a love song. This is to you, motherfucker."

Before We Care A Lot:
- Patton: Brooklyn. It's been a long day, we know you're exhausted. What would you like to hear? Ok speak English please. *rah rah* That sounds like a Norwegian death metal song, we can do that.
- Roddy: I want to hear that song too. That sounds fucking good. [while Patton makes noises, Puffy drums]. Let's hear that one. Fuck yeah.
- Patton: No we're just of at a cross roads up hear. Ballad, heavy song? [WCAL starts] Well, I guess they decided. Shit. Rahzel in the place? Where's Rahzel? Beat boxer wanted on stage.

After We Care A Lot, Patton: "Rahzel. Oh my God. It's funny how fun that he makes these songs. Anyway. Thank you guys for coming hey? Really great really great."

Before second encore Neil Hamburger comes out and starts a "Smash Mouth Smash Mouth..." chant.

On returning for second encore, Jon started playing Chariots intro, but Roddy played the keyboard riff to Stripsearch and confused everyone, so they end up skipping the Chariots intro.

After Stripsearch, Patton: "Once again Brooklyn, hope to see you again. Thanks again for coming. Amazing amazing. Crazy crazy. Appreciate it, bye."
On This Day:
Year Venue State/Country
1985 The Stone, San Francisco CA, USA
1989 International 1, Manchester England
1990 Paradise Club, Boston MA, USA
1992 CANCELLED Estadi Olimpic, Barcelona Spain
1997 Zetafest, Markham Park, Sunrise FL, USA
2009 Ruisrock Festival, Turku Finland
2012 CANCELLED Rock For People Festival, Hradec Kralove Czech Republic
2014 Open'er Festival, Gdynia Poland
2022 CANCELLED Schleyerhalle, Stuttgart Germany