Sunday, 23 November 1986
The Roxy
Los Angeles, CA, USA
supporting Bad Brains with Gone
[Setlist incomplete]
Introduce Yourself
Introduce Yourself cover

LA Times - Don Waller - 25 Nov 1986 - "Foot-long dreadlocks flying, the members of the Washington-based quartet Bad Brains rocketed around the Roxy stage on Sunday night [...] The dark, metallic, monolithic funk-punk of San Francisco's Faith No More and the thick black curds of industrial-weight sonic sludge from ex-Black Flag ax-man Greg Ginn's all-instrumental power trio Gone preceded Bad Brains, keeping the excitement level down to a dull throb."

LA Times, 16 Nov 1986, page 72, advert for gig
LA Times, 23 Nov 1986, page 62, gig listing
LA Weekly, 21-27 Nov 1986, page 94 - Goldenvoice ad

Audience recording
Video: Audience recording (just Introduce Yourself? YouTube only release)
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